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To subscribe to our mail list, please contact us at

You will receive an email where you will need to confirm your subscription.

This is a free service only for Netic customers. We reserve the right to dismiss registrations.

To unsubscribe, please contact us at

You will receive an email to confirm that you wish to unsubscribe.

Only major incidents will be announced by email, other system information is available in the columns below.

Vi melder kun større nedbrud ud på denne driftsstatus mailliste, anden info vi være at finde i nedenstående kolonner.

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It is important for us to provide you with the best possible support. We have gathered a few simple tips below.

All inquiries sent to are registered in our JIRA case handling system.

This sends an autoreply to the sender, with a case number to reference the inquiry.

We usually respond to service requests within 1 working day, typically faster.

Feel free to call our support at +45 7777 0999.

Our support lines are open within normal working hours. Outside of this, the support phone is operated by an on-call service, which can be contacted by customers with 24/7 support agreements, and only in the event of a breakdown.

All other inquiries outside normal working hours are referred to the next working day.

For os er det vigtigt, at I oplev

Here, Netic will announce emergency information about operations.

Shows planned Changes and operational status announcements, that relate to or affect systems at Netic.

Displays open Incidents, ongoing Changes and current announcements that relate to or affect systems at Netic.

Displays the last finished(Incidents, Changes, and Operations status announcements that relate to or affect systems at Netic.

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Disse ressourcer måles ud fra DC3 i københavn. Det er kun Netic der kan se disse status test, og de er kun vejledende.

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